an open community studio for clay enthusiasts

Belmont Potters Group is a community group for clay enthusiasts in Belmont, Western Australia. It provides a meeting place and the use of the electric kiln, pottery wheels, pug mil, clay extruder, slab roller and other materials to the members. We are a high firing studio, firing to Cone 9 in an oxidation atmosphere. The club provides a wide range of stoneware glazes and underglazes for your use.

everyone is welcome.

Whether you’re a seasoned potter or a curious beginner, our studio welcomes all skill levels.

Art should be accessible to all. Our membership is budget-friendly, reflecting our commitment to creating a diverse and welcoming creative community. Join us and be part of an affordable art space where passion meets practicality.

how to join

Ready to shape something incredible? Join us at Belmont Potters, and let your creativity soar. Have questions or want to know more?

looking for workshops?

Exciting workshops are on the horizon! Stay tuned as we plan to bring you regular workshops, offering unique opportunities to expand your skills in the world of ceramics.